The Solo SMART is part of Amaze's superior range of Wall Panel Heaters, manufactured to international quality and safety standards.

It is made from fibre cement and is the winning option in contrast to traditional heaters, mainly due to the convectional heating technology, low thermal conductivity and high energy efficiency.


Amaze's products are manufactured enhance the customer experience together with  no maintenance required on the product.



  • Energy Efficient - 420 Watts

  • Convection Technology

  • Modern Design

  • Paintable 

  • No Exposed Element

  • Silent Operation

  • No Maintenance Required

  • Easy D-I-Y Installation     

  • Built-In WiFi (Remote on/off, Timer, Share Control, and Scene Management)

  • Programmable Timer via Smart App 

  • Power: 230 Volts | 50Hz

  • Size: 600mm x 600mm X 10mm

  • Product Code: AH420UKSS

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