Our products are superior in quality with advanced technology.  Now with integrated WiFi and programmable timer via the EWeLink Smart App, our products offer the user the choice to program and use the product according to the customer need.  

To compliment our EEZI-HEAT brand, that has been in the market for more than 10 years, we have included the Amaze range of products.  Amaze is the leading global brand in wall panel heating, manufactured in India. All of these products comply with the energy efficient regulation now enforced in the market.

We pride ourselves in the quality, safety and durability that our products offer and strive to keep on developing and improving, as we have done in years before.  Each of our products are unique in design and workability, offering a Good, Better, Best solution.  Not only are they superior in quality, but they feature triple insulation for added safety and strength. 

What is Convection Technology?


  • Air between panel and wall is heated as a result of natural convection,

  • Warm air rises and fills the whole room (due to natural convection) with a comfortable background heat,

  • Air that cools down moves closer to the floor and get redistributed back into the room after heated behind the Panel Heater,

  • Ongoing circulation of warm air heated by the Wall Panel Heater 
    throughout the room,​

  • Radiant heating also occurs due to the heat that is radiated from the front 
    of the panel, but this heat is not the main contributor to the heat
    throughout the room.

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Click on each of the products below to find out more on what the products have got to offer. 

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Integrated WiFi for integration of Smart Home Application into the daily lives of the consumer, offering the customer the option to manage the heaters from anywhere in the world. 


Programmable timer that can be scheduled for up to two years.  It also allows "scene" capability to offer a heating solution to group more than one heater into a cluster by operating them as a group or individual units.  There are also countdown, count up and loop timers.  Flexibility is key.

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Our SMART Application is called EWeLink and can be found on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store depending on your smart device.  It is a very user friendly application and is available to customers worldwide. 

All our products are compatible with:

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