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  • Energy Efficient - 420W

  • Natural convection technology

  • Ultra Slim and ‘out of the way’ wall mounted design

  • Can be painted to match décor

  • Easy D-I-Y Installation

  • No Exposed Element

  • Made from Fiber Cement 

  • Built-In WiFi

  • Silent Operation

  • Safety Cut-Off and Restart (prevents overheating)

  • Power: 230 Volts | 50Hz

  • Size: 600mm x 600mm X 10mm

The new Eeziheat Smart Panel heats up the room using convection technology.  The heater is manufactured from fibre cement, a safer option as the conductivity of heat transfer rate is 40 times slower than metal.  The slightest touch won't result in scolding*.

The slim and modern design compliments any type of room (Size: 600mm x 600mm X 10mm).  Paintable and easy installation allows this product to fit into any background.

Do-It-Yourself installation and no maintenance required makes this the perfect choice for alternative energy efficient heating.

* Prolonged contact with the surface may result in an injury as the surface is still hot.