The Amaze Dual SMART (420SS-DS) is a completely unique and innovative product in many ways.  The contribution of a built in heat guard makes it safer for any environment, due to the Low Surface Temperature (L.S.T).


This now becomes an ideal solution for heat in areas where the acknowledgement of safety is fundamental.

Dual Smart accelerates the convection speed, thus resulting in a reduced time to heat up the chosen area.  


Constructed from Fiber cement and triple insulated for added safety. The Dual Smart has the means to "disappear" into any environment in which it is placed due to the fact that it is paint and wallpaper friendly.


The Dual Smart will always look accustomed to its surroundings or can be left untouched in its natural modern design to welcome its characteristics.  



  • Energy Efficient - 420 Watts

  • Dual Convection Technology

  • Touch Safe Heat Guard - Patent Pending

  • Paintable or Wall Paper can be applied

  • No Exposed Element

  • Silent Operation

  • No Maintenance Required

  • Easy D-I-Y Installation     

  • Built in WiFi (Remote on/off, Timer, Share Control, and Scene Management)

  • Programmable Timer via Smart App

  • Power: 230V | 50Hz

  • Size: 600mm X 600mm X 30mm  

  • Product Code: AH420UKDS                                   

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