MARC Limited's vision of TAKING YOUR BRANDS FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL ensures a trusted intermediary to provide seamless product sourcing, delivery and after service. Our mission is to provide a high-class procurement service with the confidence and security that goods purchased through MARC are competitively priced, to the expected standard of quality, shipped on time and delivered as ordered, problem free.

This is achieved through the accumulated years of expertise as a global Manufacturing And Retail Co-operation (M.A.R.C.) procuring goods direct from global manufacturers. MARC’s capacity to deliver on sourcing and supply is professionally handled by an experienced team dedicated to all aspects of the supply chain, including procurement, factory selection, packaging design, quality control, freight forwarding, customs clearance, storage and logistics.

Eezi-Heat 400W Panel Heater
Econo-Heat Panel Heaters
Low overheads, extensive market knowledge and a strong supplier base allow MARC to offer the service, quality, pricing and delivery integral to any business. Through a close collaboration with its clients in supplying products that meet their business objectives at the most competitive pricing, MARC is able to maximise sales potential and profitability.

The core principles of TRUST, RELIABILITY and QUALITY govern all working partnerships, because the success of our clients ensures our own.

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